Place Adsense Under Post Title (Blogger)

You can put Adsense Ads on your blog directly by going Blogger Dashboard>> Design>> Add a Gadget>>Adsense. But how to put under post or after post. It is wise to put Ad Sense Ad Unit under Post title for better revenue, as you can see on this blog. With some In this post discover about Adsense codes just under the post title or above post footer where your post's content ends. First of all visit your Adsense Account and Create New Adsense Ad unit codes as per desired sizes and copy the codes. Please Visit here to encode your Codes. Remember that you can not put codes in template directly before encoding. Copy encoded codes and note down in notepad or somewhere else to use further.

Place Adsense Ad Unit Codes just under post title

1. Log in Blogger Dashboard.
2. Enter Design>>Edit HTML>>Check Expand Widget Template.
3. Find Out the lines <p><data:post.body/></p> [ Use Browser search by Ctrl+F ]

4. Paste your phrased codes just above <p><data:post.body/></p> inside <div> tag see example below-

                               <div>Your Encoded Codes Goes Here</div>

Put <div> at the starting of encoded codes and </div> at the end.
If you want of show ads on center put <center> before <div> and </center> after </div>
Your codes looks like

              <center><div>Your Encoded Codes Goes Here</div></center>

You can replace <center> </center> with <left> </left> <right> </right> for floating.

Place Adsense Ad Unit Codes just After Post Content.

Search out <div class=’post-footer’>  in template.
paste your encoded (phrased) Codes inside <div> </div>. After it Codes will look like this

                               <div>Your Codes goes Here</div>

For floating left, right or center add opening and closing tag as you added above, for example to show ads left on post add <left> and </left>, your codes look like

                               <left><div>Your Encoded Codes Goes Here</div></left>

After Footer Credits

Search out <div class=’post-footer’> in template and paste your codes just after it inside <div> element.

                               <p class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-3′/>
                               <div>Your Codes Goes Here</div>

At last I want to make it clear that put <div> at the starting of your phrased codes that you encoded earlier and put </div> at the end of codes. <div> is a HTML tag. Find Out more about HTML Tags  here. If you have any question free to ask me.


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