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Changes are the demand of time and an essential part of our life. Three months back Blogger team released a New User Interface for Blogger Dashboard and made it available to all users in Blogger Draft mode, but finally New UI shifted from Blogger Daft to the regular Blogger Dashboard. If you are regular blogger user you might have already seen screenshots of the new UI. Blogger team added lots of new features and made some great improvements to this New UI. Lets explore the New UI with all features one-by-one and also I will show you how to enable New UI for you. I hope that you liked Blogger New Interface. The New Interface is completely in new look and user friendly. There are several useful option as well as shortcuts. New interface takes less time to load. Some of main features of New Interface are-
1. A whole new look which makes us happy to use 
2. New Blogger Dashboard Improvement In Performance 
3. Easy to use and understand 
4. Addition of some new options in Blogger Post e.g Allow or not 
5. Allow readers comments, Scheduled Posts etc Schedule Post Option 
6. Additional Information in our blog's status. 
7.Blogger great new features above is the 'heading' font which is the biggest one.
8. In Setting Mode you can Write about your blogs Description. Do not just leave your description empty. 
9. In Search preference you can write a summary within 150 words that tells search engine all about your Blog's Content. This helps users when your blog is in search result that what your blog is and what are the main issue on your Blog focused.  
10 In the section of Errors and redirection you can leave a message that will appear when visitors click on the broken link of your Blog. Broken links means Some post or Page URL that no more exists but you forget to remove the link.
11. In search description you can write about the types of your post and this results better chance to clicked.
12. You can upload images from your mobile phone also. Now you can easily put alt text by clicking on image.
Check out Blogger’s promotional video to see examples of some of the new features in action. 

But If you do not feel comfort with New Blogger Dashboard or you are habitual to work with old blogger dashboard, you can return to old Blogger Dashboard in some simple strikes.
To restore old Blogger Dashboard-
1. Log in to your account.
2. Enter in Setting, situated at top right side and press "Old Blogger Interface" (As shown in given image).
I hope that this information will help you, if so please share this article.

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