How to Download Facebook Data

Now, there is no need to worry about your data stored at Facebook. Facebook added a new download link. Now you can download all your personal data such as photos, posts and messages in zip file format. Your download file will have all information related to your profile profile photos, your created events, videos that you have uploaded to your account, your created notes and all your sent and received messages. For some security reasons, Facebook send a e-mail first to your primary email address associate with your logging account to confirm about downloading. When you go through the link sent by Facebook you have to enter your password and you are ready for download your data. unfortunately, Facebook does not provide to download some information such as Your photos uploaded by other people,  Facebook Phone book Email Addresses of Friends. In given image, the process of how to download is self explanatory. To download your data here is some simple steps-
1. Log in to your Account (At Top Right Side)
2. Enter in Account Settings.
3. See carefully at below of account section "Download a copy"
4. Hit "Start My Archive"
5. Check mail from Facebook in inbox for confirmation to download.

Watch this video to know more about how to download Facebook data -

I think that this information will help you to manage all your information stored at Facebook. Please make sure to put your information in some secure and trusted place. 

How to download tagged photos :- By visiting here you can download the photos that you did not upload but tagged you by your friends. 

How to download Facebook phone book:-Facebook does not provide to download phone book. To save phone book data visit here and save data as .txt file

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