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Now no need to log in to blog Dash Board via blogger.com if your template have not Navbar at top of template. Here is a script by it you can log into your Blogger Dashboard without entering blogger.com, simply copy the code given below and paste into your HTML /Java content area and save the gadgets and done! Follow the instructions. Design-->>-- Add Widget-->>--HTML/ Java script. This script can be customize according to your blog layout. Change the background color or remove it. I previously share how to put image as background, for adding stylish background image put the code given below. Change the url of image that you want to show as background of log in widget. Make sure to use .gif or .png files that have smaller in size for saving the loading time of blog. I will share some tricks how to use Photoshop to create these extension files in future

<div style="background: url( YOUR BACKGROUND IMAGE URL GOES HERE) ;padding-top:0px;">

<table bgcolor="#f5f5f5" border="0" style="outline-color: initial; outline-style: none; outline-width: medium;"><tbody style="outline-color: initial; outline-style: none; outline-width: medium;">
<tr style="outline-color: initial; outline-style: none; outline-width: medium;"><td style="outline-color: initial; outline-style: none; outline-width: medium;"><b>Login</b><br /><br /><form id="start-login" action="https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginBoxAuth" name="login" onsubmit="onlogin()" method="post"><input value="http://www.blogger.com/loginz?d=%2Fhome&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.blogger.com%2F" name="continue" type="hidden" /><input value="blogger" name="service" type="hidden" /><input value="8" name="nui" type="hidden" /><input value="8" name="naui" type="hidden" /><input value="2" name="fpui" type="hidden" /><input value="3" name="uilel" type="hidden" /><input value="true" name="skipvpage" type="hidden" /><input value="false" name="rm" type="hidden" /><input value="true" name="alwf" type="hidden" /><input value="http://www.blogger.com/login.g" name="roeu" type="hidden" /><input value="0" name="alinsu" type="hidden" /><input value="WbQ8QiJfUvA" name="GA3T" type="hidden" /><div><label for="Email"> Username: <br /><input id="Email" tabindex="1" value="" name="Email" size="30" type="text" /></label></div><div><label for="Passwd"> Password: (<a href="https://www.blogger.com/forgot.g" target="_top" title="Forgot your password?">?</a>) <br /></label><input id="Passwd" tabindex="2" autocomplete="off" name="Passwd" size="30" type="password" /></div><br /><input id="signin-btn-ns" tabindex="0" value="Sign in" class="ubtn ubtn-block" name="submit" type="submit" /></form><span style="font-size: 85%"></span>

Tips : Replace  f5f5f5  with your desired background color. You can determine appropriate color value according to your blog layout. Your can choose suitable color value by visiting here (Color Code Generator). To add border change border="0" with num. value (1,2). Change the name Login with your desired name such as 'Log in Here' or 'Enter Here' so on. 

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