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Basically, I Like blogging in my native language ( Hindi Language ). I goggled several hours and tried many ways to write Hindi Script in blogger. After tried many typical ways and finally, I got the right solution. No doubt, Google Input Method(IME) is the finest and easiest way to write in supported native language. It works in offline also, it means that no need to continuous internet connectivity. Another good thing is that it shows word suggestion also with keyboard facility for some rare used words.  It shows 5 suggestion to choose exact word. Unfortunately at present, IME supports only  22 selected language. See below all supported Languages by GIM currently-

During download you have to choose one often between 32bit or 64bit. Now, It is not a part of this article but it is wise to know what type of your computer is ? 
What is "32 bit" and "64bit" :- The word "bit" refers for the smallest data on CPU. It shows capacity of CPU, How fast works. In brief, Understand it in the way that bit is the smallest unit of processor. 32 bit processor work slowly than 64 bit. 32 bit means CPU can handle 32 bits of data at a time. In fact 64 bit computers are only used in complicated works such like animation, video encoding, mixing and research based work. Most of PCs are 32 bit machine. 

How to find out that your PC is 32bit or 64 bit:- It is very simple follow some simple steps for it.
1. Go to Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Information.
2. Look in to System Summary >> System Type.
Here you will find "
x86-based PC and 

x64-based PC

It means that

x86-based PC: It’s a 32-bit computer.
x64-based PC: It’s a 64-bit computer.

Choose your Desired Language and 32/64 bit and start to download it. Install the downloaded Program.

How to start GIM ? 
Hold down alt key and press Shift key (alt+shift) and to close it, repeat these keys again.

So what ! install Google Input Method now ! Visit Google Authorize page of "Google Input Method" to download it. 


(Google is registered trademark of its copyright owner. I respect Google and all his products. This post is for share information only)

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