ASCII Keys (ALT + Keys )

         My Friend Venu asked me to make a list containing Alt+ Shortcut Keys. After Completion of a table, I think to share it with you. Although, some character do not used in general way, but it is profitable to know more about them. All these Character work with alt key.  For example to write © (Copyright) Sign hit and hold down ALT+0169 (Hold down Alt key and hit 0169). It also works with Microsoft Word, Excel, Notepad and all other Desktop based Writing Software, even You can use these character in Photo Shop. After a short attention, You can write many more character than standard keyboard. ASCII means 'American Standard Code for Information Interchange'. Microsoft says to define these keys "Alt+Numpad: A method of entering characters by typing in the character’s decimal code with the Numeric Pad keys (Num Lock turned on). In Windows: Alt+<xxx>, where xxx is the decimal value of a code point, generates an OEM-encoded character. Alt+<0xxx>, where xxx is the decimal value of a code point, generates a Windows-encoded character.Alt+<+>+<xxxx>, where xxxx is the hexadecimal Unicode code point, generates a Unicode-encoded (UTF-16) character."

»» Alt+Keys (0 To 255) »»
ALT+0!ALT+73IALT+146Æ ALT+218
ALT+1ALT+74JALT+147ô ALT+219
ALT+2ALT+75KALT+148 ö ALT+220
ALT+3ALT+76LALT+149ò ALT+221
ALT+4ALT+77MALT+150 û ALT+222
ALT+5ALT+78NALT+151ù ALT+222
ALT+6ALT+79OALT+ 152ÿALT+223
ALT+7ALT+80PALT+153Ö ALT+224α
ALT+8ALT+81 QALT+ 154ÜALT+225ß
ALT+9ALT+82 RALT+ 155¢ ALT+226Γ
ALT+10ALT+83SALT+156£ ALT+227π
ALT+11ALT+84TALT+157¥ ALT+228Σ
ALT+12ALT+85 UALT+158ALT+229σ
ALT+13ALT+86VALT+159 ƒ ALT+230µ
ALT+14ALT+87WALT+160 á ALT+231τ
ALT+15ALT+88 XALT+161  í ALT+232 Φ
ALT+16ALT+89Y ALT+162 ó ALT+233 Θ
ALT+017ALT+90 ZALT+163 ú ALT+234 Ω
ALT+18ALT+91[ALT+164 Ü ALT+235δ
ALT+19ALT+92 \ ALT+165Ñ ALT+236 
ALT+20ALT+93 ] ALT+166 ª ALT+237 φ
ALT+21§ALT+94 ^ALT+167 º ALT+238 ε
ALT+22ALT+95_ ALT+168 ¿ ALT+239 
ALT+23ALT+96 ALT+169 ALT+240 
ALT+24ALT+97 a ALT+170 ¬ALT+241 ±
ALT+25ALT+98 b ALT+171½ALT+242 
ALT+26ALT+99 c ALT+172 ¼ ALT+243
ALT+27ALT+100dALT+173 ¡ ALT+244 
ALT+28ALT+101e ALT+174 « ALT+245 
ALT+29ALT+102f ALT+175 » ALT+246 ÷
ALT+30ALT+103 g ALT+176ALT+247 
ALT+31ALT+104 h ALT+177 ALT+248 °
ALT+32ALT+105 i ALT+178ALT+249
ALT+33!ALT+106j ALT+179 ALT+250 ·
ALT+34"ALT+107 kALT+180ALT+251
ALT+35#ALT+108 lALT+181ALT+252
ALT+36$ALT+109 mALT+182ALT+253²
ALT+37%ALT+110 nALT+183ALT+254
ALT+38&ALT+111  oALT+184ALT+255
ALT+39'ALT+112  pALT+185
ALT+40(ALT+113 qALT+186
ALT+41)ALT+114 rALT+187
ALT+42*ALT+115 sALT+188
ALT+44,ALT+117  uALT+190
ALT+45-ALT+118  vALT+191
ALT+46.ALT+119  wALT+192á
ALT+47/ALT+120 xALT+193
ALT+480ALT+121 yALT+194ã
ALT+491ALT+122 zALT+195
ALT+502ALT+123 {ALT+196
ALT+513ALT+124 |ALT+197
ALT+524ALT+125 }ALT+198Æ
ALT+535ALT+126 ~ALT+199
ALT+579ALT+130 éALT+203
ALT+58:ALT+131 âALT+204
ALT+59;ALT+132 äALT+205
ALT+60<ALT+133 àALT+206
ALT+62>ALT+135 çALT+208
ALT+63?ALT+136 êALT+209
ALT+64@ALT+137 ëALT+210
ALT+65AALT+138 èALT+211
ALT+69EALT+142 ÄALT+215
ALT+70FALT+143 ÅALT+216
ALT+71GALT+144 ÉALT+217
ALT+72HALT+145 æ
»» Alt+Keys (033 To 0255) »»
ALT+033!ALT+0106jALT+0179 ³ ALT+0251 û
ALT+034"ALT+0107kALT+0180 ´ ALT+0252 ü
ALT+035#ALT+0108lALT+0181 µ ALT+0253ý
ALT+036$ALT+0109mALT+0182 ALT+0254 þ
ALT+037%ALT+0110nALT+0183 · ALT+0255 ÿ
ALT+038&ALT+0111oALT+0184 ¸
ALT+039'ALT+0112pALT+0185 ¹
ALT+040(ALT+0113qALT+0186 º
ALT+041)ALT+0114 rALT+0187 »
ALT+042*ALT+0115 sALT+0188 ¼
ALT+043+ALT+0116 tALT+0189 ½
ALT+044,ALT+0117 uALT+0190 ¾
ALT+045-ALT+0118 vALT+0191 ¿
ALT+046.ALT+0119 wALT+0192 À
ALT+047/ALT+0120 yALT+0193 Á
ALT+0480ALT+0121 zALT+0194 Â
ALT+0491ALT+0122 z ALT+0195 Ã
ALT+0502ALT+0123 { ALT+0196 Ä
ALT+0513ALT+0124 | ALT+0197 Å
ALT+0524ALT+0125 } ALT+0198 Æ
ALT+0535ALT+0126 ~ ALT+0199 Ç
ALT+0546ALT+0127  ALT+0200 È
ALT+0557ALT+0128 ALT+0201 É
ALT+0568ALT+0129  ALT+0202 Ê
ALT+0579ALT+0130 ALT+0203 Ë
ALT+058:ALT+0131 ƒ ALT+0204 Ì
ALT+059;ALT+0132 ALT+0205 Í
ALT+060<ALT+0133 ALT+0206 Î
ALT+061=ALT+0134 ALT+0207 Ï
ALT+062>ALT+0135 ALT+0208 Ð
ALT+063?ALT+0136 ˆ ALT+0209 Ñ
ALT+064@ALT+0137 ALT+0210 È
ALT+065AALT+0138 Š ALT+0211Ó
ALT+066BALT+0139 ALT+0212 Ô
ALT+067CALT+0140 ŒALT+0213Õ
ALT+068DALT+0141 ALT+0214Ö
ALT+069EALT+0142 ŽALT+0215×
ALT+070FALT+0143 ALT+0216Ø
ALT+071GALT+0144 ALT+0217Ù
ALT+072HALT+0145 ALT+0218Ú
ALT+074JALT+0147 ALT+0220Ü
ALT+075KALT+0148 ALT+0221Ý
ALT+076LALT+0149 ALT+0222Þ
ALT+077MALT+0150 ALT+0223ß
ALT+078NALT+0151 ALT+0224à
ALT+079OALT+0152 ˜ALT+0225á
ALT+080PALT+0153 ALT+0226â
ALT+081QALT+0154 šALT+0227ã
ALT+082RALT+0155 ALT+0228ä
ALT+083SALT+0156 œALT+0229å
ALT+084TALT+0157 ALT+0230æ
ALT+085UALT+0158 žALT+0231ç
ALT+086VALT+0159 ŸALT+0232è
ALT+088XALT+0161 LALT+0234ê
ALT+089YALT+0162 ¢ALT+0235ë
ALT+090ZALT+0163 £ALT+0236ì
ALT+091[ALT+0164 ¤ALT+0237í
ALT+092\ALT+0165 ¥ALT+0238î
ALT+093]ALT+0166 ¦ALT+0239ï
ALT+094^ALT+0167 §ALT+0240ð
ALT+095_ALT+0168 ¨ALT+0241ñ
ALT+096`ALT+0169 ©ALT+0242ò
ALT+097aALT+0170 ªALT+0243ó
ALT+098bALT+0171 «ALT+0244ô
ALT+099cALT+0172 ¬ALT+0245õ
ALT+0101eALT+0174 ®ALT+0247÷
ALT+0102fALT+0175 ¯ALT+0248ø
ALT+0103gALT+0176 °ALT+0249ù
ALT+0104hALT+0177 ±ALT+0250ú
ALT+0105iALT+0178 ²

Some Selected Keys for attractive symbols!

ALT+222ALT+223ALT+226Γ ALT+232Φ
ALT+064@ALT+0169   © ALT+0153 ALT+0149
ALT+0174  ® ALT+0171 « ALT+0165 ¥ ALT+0128

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