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Disable “Light Box” Effect In Facebook Albums

Facebook has updated many things such as new live chat and images viewing style. I think that both changes have not liked by users. In previous post we discovered how to restore old Facebook Chat. Here are some tricks to restore old Facebook image viewing. Facebook calls this New image viewing "Theater View". But the problem with this new format is that when someone enlarge images to view entire screen area becomes dark black background color and make difficult to choose other options. Probably You also want to view your images in old style format.
See that an  example of new Facebook Image Viewing Format

If your want to restore old style image viewing format, follow some simple strikes.
1. Hit F5 when viewing images or You can refresh your album and in both condition you will be in old style image viewing.
2. When you are viewing any image, see carefully the URL of Facebook image. Check that the URL ends with something  “&type=1&theater” . Remove  “&type=1&theater”  and hit enter key from your keyboard and this will reload image in old format. 
If you want to disable theater mode permanently follow some tricks-

For Firefox users.

If you are using Firefox browser, install given extension.
Click Here
Click Here 

For Google Chrome users.

Click Here
Click Here
When you click on any image, these extensions get active and you are redirected to Facebook old style image viewing.
I hope that this information will help you to get rid from theater mode image viewing. Please share it, if you found some useful. 

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