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Set Post Title instead of Blog Title at Feed burner E mail Notifications

Feed burner provides the facility to send updates to subscribers via email notification. By default settings, feed burner sends e mail notifications with blog title and author name every time when a new content is posted. The problem is that when subscribers receive email in inbox they think that they are receiving the same email because there is no difference before opening. You can easily change the settings of feed burner. After some new settings applied, your subscribers will receive email notifications containing post title along with blog name, so that e mail notification looks different every time. If you want to change your feed burner default settings, follow some simple steps for fresh customized settings.
1. Sign in your feed burner account.
2. Click on Blog/Site Feed which you want to modify (If you have only one feed, click on it and if you have more than one feeds choose for which you want to edit.)
3. Click on Publicize Tab
4. Click on Email Subscription link

5. Click on Email Branding, under Email subscription    

6. Copy given codes  (In green Color)  and paste in first box (in Email Subject Title)-  


7. Click on 'Change Subject when an email has 2 or more items' box and in this box paste the given codes (in green color)-

${latestItemTitle} plus ${m} more


${latestItemTitle}     will display your Post Title

${latestItemTitle} & ${m} more will be useful if you post many post in same day.

Save your preference to finish the entire process. Now, when you launch new post, your subscribers will receive notification containing Blog Title along with post title in subject.

I think that this information will help you to make feed burner updates according in your desired way and just like other professional site have !

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