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Build Your Blog Mobile Friendly

What happens when someone opens your blog in mobile phone. Blogs have many images that increase Blog Load time especially in mobile phones and difficult to open quickly. There are many solutions for it, some sites offer to build mobile version of blog free to charges but they have lot of links sponsored by them. Google Reader is Best solution for this problem. Take a look of this link-

1. Text only
                         Mobile View

2. With an image
Google Reader Link will goes in given way-

For image put these codes-

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" target="blank" /></a>

Replace with your blog address and 600/Mobile -Version-of-Blog.png with your desired image URL (URL of image, where image is stored-direct link of image)

You can put this link with small image or in a text also. Put your text or image inked with Google Reader in top of your blog where visitor can notice easily.

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