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Facebook Shortcut Keys

In today's Busy world nobody is free, All are busy with their works....but why ? We have no time to meet our best friends personally, no time for family, no time even for old parents.  I do not know the direct responsible causes for it. But there is some hope also just like some social networking site...yes Facebook!. A huge majority of people are using Facebook now. I am also fond of Facebook. As you use shortcut keys in ms-world, excel and windows, there are some useful shortcut keys for Facebook lovers also. These keys save time and You will notice that these keys are very simple and can be remembered easily in day to day use, So what ! Try to use it Now. 

Short Cut Keys with Alt+Result of Shortcut Key
Alt with M    Alt+M This opens message Dialogue Box  to send instant Message.
Alt with /       Alt+/This results your cursonr  will move to top of search box to search something. 
Alt with 1        lt+1By this shortcut key you will come on your Facebook homepage. 
Alt with 2     Alt+2By hitting this shortcut you will move on your Profile page. 
Alt with 3        Alt+3All friend request will open by this shortcut, your can accept or deny.
Alt with 4         Alt+4By this shortcut, You can logged in to Message Box
Alt with 5         Alt+5Moves you to all notifications
Alt with 6        Alt+6Moves to Account Section of your Profile. 
Alt with 7        Alt+7Moves to Privacy Setting of your Profile. 
Alt with 8       Alt+8Moves to Facebook Fan Page. 
Alt with 9       Alt+9Shows newest Terms & Condition of Facebook Team 
Alt with 0         Alt+0You will be moved on Facebook Help Center Page

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