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Add Image Hyper Linked to External Site and Opens in New window

In Blogger we can add image url linked with external site and opens in browsers new window or tab. Here is nice way to do it. This Html code may add in HTML Java Scrip or in post (Edit HTML) Section. It is very simple to add in edit HTML Section. 

<a href="put here image url or site urltarget="_blank" title="desired title"><img alt="About image" border="desired value" height="xxxx" src="image url" width="xxxx" /> 

above code is replaced with desired hyper linked and image size value given below
<a href="" target="_blank" title="Arvind"><img alt="Arvind Pic" border="5" height="100" src="" width="250" /> 

This image is hyper linked to my another blog  url and when this image is clicked it opens my another blog.

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